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Web Browser is a program or software used to browse the internet or to seek information from a website stored in the computer. Initially, the web browser on text-oriented and yet can display an image. However, web browsers are now not only display images and text, but also play multimedia files such as video and voice. The Web browser can also send and receive email, manage HTML code, as input and make the web page as the output results are informative.

By using a web browser, the internet user can access a variety of information found on the internet easily and quickly. Some examples of web browsers include Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and many more. Things to be aware in the search for an information is the understanding of the structure and Function of the Web Browser:

The functioning of the Web Browsers is to display and interact with the document-the document provided by the web server in the entire world.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Mozilla Firefox the link, that is made by mozilla corporation, firefox is one web browser open source built with the Gecko layout engine. Not only reliable firefox also supported by a number of Add-ons that can be installed separately which allows users to perform in accordance with the usefulness of the Add-ons.

We are provide the Download Mozilla Firefox Free for you to download and install for onlin. what if you don’t want to bother to install the online we also provide Mozilla Firefox Download Full Offline Installer for you

2. Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser released by Google, a company leading search engines in the world. Google Chrome is also designed to run as quickly as possible

Google Chrome was first released by Google on 2 September 2008, that while it is only for Microsoft Windows because it is still in beta form. Then on 11 December in the same year Google Chrome launched for all operating system because it has reached the stable version.

Download Google Chrome 32 Bit

3. UC Browser

rowser, UCWeb Inc. is a provider of mobile internet software technology and services the application of the leading edge. Established since 2004, the Mission of UCWeb is to provide a better internet experience to billions of users around the world.

Download Free UC Browser for PC

4. Opera Browser

Download Browser

Opera is a web browser that is freeware and multi-platform app developed by Opera Software ASA, a subsidiary of the largest telecommunications companies in Norway, namely Telenor. Opera is one of the Internet Suite popular of which are multiplatform. In addition introduced as a Web Browser, Opera also comes as an e-mail client that is powerful, IRC client and the ability to display Opera Widgets. In addition to running on the PC, Opera also runs on various platforms such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAS, game consoles, and interactive television. In the PC, the Opera can run on almost all popular platforms.

Download Opera Browser

4. Dolphin Browser

Download Dolphin

Possible for PC users is still quite a stranger by the name of Dolphin Browser HD. Dolphin Browser is claimed to have the level of speed to access a website more quickly. May be one of the best web browsers for Android. A collection of bookmarks that You will create can be shown in the form of Widgets, then there is also a feature called Add-Ons Management.

Feature can allows the Dolphin browser to sync in the system with a variety of Google services including Google search, gmail, reader, maps, talk, docs, and so forth. As well as can be integrated directly with the features of the Bookmarks Widget, Twitter Share, and others.

Dolphin Browser Android Download Apk

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